FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How far in advance do I need to place an order for my wedding cake?

For Wedding cakes we would recommend a minimum of 3 months’ notice.

For Celebration cakes we would advise booking your cake at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

We will ALWAYS require a minimum of 7 days’ notice for any cake order.

However we can sometimes accommodate last-minute orders – send us an email or message us and we will see what we can do.

2. How do I order a cake?

We can set an appointment with our clients to talk about the cake and they need to fill out the contact/order form or send us a message detailing the event date, servings required, venue and any design ideas you have. We can then respond to you with an accurate idea of cost. Alternatively you can contact us by phone.

However we will always endeavour to respond as fast as we can.

3. Do I have to pick a design from your website or can you create something especially for me?

Our cake designs are as unique as the person it is for, we love nothing more than creating a real centrepiece for your special occasion.

We are more than happy to customize an existing design from our website or create something completely new for you.

We just need some ideas as a starting point, for a Celebration cake this could be a child’s favourite toy, a party invitation or a picture of something that you have seen that has inspired you. We will never copy another cake design but will happily adapt or interpret the design with our own style and creativity.

4. What happens at your wedding cake consultation?

MHC offers a design consultation for yourself and one guest (we can accommodate a maximum of 4 but we will need prior  notice). This usually lasts just over an hour, which is plenty of time to discuss the design of your cake. As well as looking at MHC online portfolio, it is also recommended that you bring your own inspirational sources to help through your design process. These could include: Photos of your dress, bridesmaid’s dresses or fabric sample, colour samples, invitation, pictures of flowers to be used. At your consultation you will receive a complimentary selection of cake samples to try, if you require specific flavours please let us know in advance, otherwise we will try and provide as wide a selection as possible.

Along with any inspirational sources that may influence your cake design, the following factors need to be discussed to help with the design process: Number of guests to your event or will the cake be served at your wedding breakfast or later in the evening when you may have more guests in attendance.

Budget – MHC can usually accommodate most budgets. However, an idea of budget will let MHC know what techniques and designs can be used.

At the end of your consultation, you will see a finalised cake design, which will include a run through of total costing’s. If there are still details that require finalising, they will be e-mailed to you at the earliest opportunity. A small deposit is required to book your wedding cake with the remaining balance due no later than one month prior to your wedding date (deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable)

5. I can’t make one of your scheduled consultation days can I still meet with you?

I can sometimes fit in meetings at other times but availability for this is very limited. I am able to work through the design process with you via email/social media once we have formalised your design and a deposit has been received I am happy to send you a selection of cake samples.

6. Can I come to your studio to order my celebration cake?

I would love to meet with you and go through design ideas in person but unfortunately due to our high demand I struggle to find the time during a normal working day to do this. I find that discussing design ideas on the telephone and through emails the best option.

But will of course meet with you if we need to discuss a large or complex order, I am more than happy to be flexible with this.

7. Can I have different flavour tiers?

MHC positively encourages you to! Our cakes are all so delicious it would be a shame not to offer guests a choice of flavours, the only downside being that they might want more than one piece!

Having a three tiered cake? Then why not try three different flavours.

8. Can I decorate my wedding cake with fresh flowers?

If your wedding cake is to be decorated with fresh flowers, it is best for your florist to supply these as this allows for continuity. We can liaise directly with your florist regarding the floral decorations required for your cake but please ensure you have
ordered these in advance. We can arrange/attach the flowers to your cake.

Some flowers are not suitable for use as a cake decoration. Ask your florist for details and advice on the toxicity. We cannot be liable for any contamination to your wedding cake that may arise from the misuse of fresh flowers.

9. Can you deliver my Celebration cake?

We can sometimes deliver your Celebration cake but due to our very limited availability we ask that, wherever possible, your cake is collected. Your cake will always be boxed and constructed so that it is safe to travel. We recommend that the
cake is placed on a completely flat surface – we find the boot of the car is the best place, it is helpful to have other items in the boot to help keep the cake box in position – smaller cakes can sometimes fit in the passenger foot well. We will carry your cake out to your car and make sure it is sent on its way safely. Please be reassured that if we felt your cake needed any special attention or assembly we will advise of this and include delivery.

10. Will you deliver my wedding cake?

We offer a delivery service this is charged for a minimum of Php 500 if outside Sta Rosa Laguna.

We will contact the venue a couple of days prior to delivery to arrange and discuss delivery times. Cakes will usually be delivered on the morning of the wedding or occasionally the evening before depending on the suitability of the venue/cake.

Your wedding cake may also be collected from our premises the day prior to your wedding.

Your cake will be boxed and ready for transportation, all stacked cakes will have supports to ensure they can be transported to their destination safely.

11. How do I pay for my wedding cake?

A small deposit will be taken on confirmation of all orders, with the remainder paid 1 month prior to collection/delivery.

Preferred payment method is by Cash or Cheque – this must be paid in advance and your Cheque must have cleared 1 month prior to your wedding.

12. A friend is making my cake can you make me a bride and groom topper?

We are sorry but we only make models or toppers for our cake orders. It is a long and time consuming process which we dedicate to our clients only.

13. Can you price match a wedding cake design?

All cake makers will price their cakes differently – the price of the cake will vary depending on a lot of factors, primarily the quality of ingredients and the level and capabilities of the craftsmanship. There are some cake makers that do not use their own work as a design source and therefor don’t need to factor this cost in to their price structure and other cake makers that don’t indeed run their business to the same high levels as we choose to.

MHC made a decision in the early days of her starting her business (2014) that she wanted to guarantee her business was sustainable and that meant getting the pricing right– we may not be the cheapest but what you get from us is the guarantee that every cake is bespoke and has been made to an  impeccably high standard with the best ingredients we can source (we don’t cut any corners with this!)

Every Bespoke wedding cake will take in excess of 30 hours from start to finish sometimes longer and our celebration cakes will usually take in excess of 10 hours. With us it is a true labour of love. We limit our orders every week so that we can spend quality time on your cake.

All this needs to be taken in to consideration so that you are comparing cake prices like for like.


All cakes ordered from Margaret House of Cakes are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully before transferring any money. By transferring money, you are confirming that you have read and understood the following.


MHC will make every effort to ensure that all aspects of the required design are followed exactly. However MHC will hold the artistic licence to make any changes to the design if necessary – whether this be for artistic reasons or for stability reasons wherever possible this will be discussed first with the client and where a quote has already been agreed upon no increases would be made to the cost of the cake.

Wherever possible MHC will accommodate any changes you wish to make to your order at her discretion.

We will do our best to match any colour requests but we cannot guarantee an exact match as colours present differently in different materials. We aim for a perfect match but this is not
always possible.

Allergies & Special Dietary Requirements

Unless you have informed us of any dietary requirements, all cakes made by MHC contain the following allergens: Cereal containing Gluten, Milk and Eggs and are made in an environment that handles nuts, soya and alcohol.

Nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free cakes can be made on request and whilst every effort is made to keep these products separate, we cannot guarantee that these cakes will not contain trace amounts of these ingredients due to the nature of production.

Margaret House of Cakes accepts no liability for customers suffering allergic reactions from eating our cakes. It is the customer’s responsibility to make MHC aware of any special dietary requirements that need to be accommodated in the making of their cake.

Consultation and Tasting

Please note that we require 2 weeks’ notice to cancel or reschedule a consultation.

Prices and Portions

The price for your order is clearly stated and broken down on your order form. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you accept responsibility for paying the full balance shown on your order form.

All prices shown are based on portions per cake being 1”x1” finger portions as standard unless other portion sizes are requested by the customer. Please check these portion sizes with the venue. Margaret House of Cakes accepts no responsibility for portion amounts or sizes varying due to it being cut differently by venue catering staff or a family member.

All our cakes are covered with a layer of ganache and need to be cut carefully with a sharp clean knife, failure to do this will result in portions not being cut neatly and cake being wasted.

Payment and deposits

Orders taken more than 1 month prior will be required to pay a deposit to secure the order.

Deposits are non-refundable. Please refer to the section regarding cancellations for more details.

The final payment of the balance is due, upon the deliver of the cake or at least 1 month before delivery or collection. Payment can be made earlier if you wish.

Failure to complete payment before the date stated may result in your cake order being cancelled.

Payment of deposits and balances can be paid by cheque or cash.

To discuss payments or if you’d prefer a different method of payment please contact annmargaret291@gmail.com or monnacristy_mabolo@yahoo.com

Cancellation or Rescheduling

Deposits are non-refundable. Under no circumstances will the full amount be refunded. Any charges incurred and materials already purchased for your order are non-refundable and time spent on any decorative pieces for your order will be charged accordingly. Where possible we will try to accommodate rescheduling if given enough notice.

Fresh Flowers

If a customer requests fresh flowers on their wedding cake it is the customer’s responsibility to liaise with their florist to determine the type of flowers to be used. It would be helpful to communicate this decision with the cake designer. We are happy to contact the florist to discuss amount and size of flowers needed.

The cost of fresh flowers is not included in the cake price. The cost of fresh flowers needs to be settled with your florist. Please note some flowers are toxic. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any fresh flowers displayed on or next to the cake do not contain pesticides and are food-safe. Margaret House of Cakes can take no responsibility for the flowers being food-safe.

Once Margaret House of Cakes has set up the cake at the venue we do not take any responsibility for any damage to the cake from the fresh flowers, or the placement on the cake of the fresh flowers.

Non-edible Materials

Any non-edible decoration such as toppers, wired or fresh flowers, brooches, silk ribbon etc.. and non-edible hidden supports or plastic dowels that are used to decorate your cake must be removed from the cake prior to serving. These items will be noted and given to you (or in some cases, the venue) on delivery/collection.


We will take the time to advise you on how to handle your cake – if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask. We appreciate that transporting your cake is a little bit nerve racking but be assured that if we had any doubt about the durability of the cake in transit we would insist on delivering the cake ourselves unassembled and then assemble the cake at your venue.

Please note that once collected, the full responsibility for the safety of the cake is with the client and Margaret House of Cakes is not liable for any damages thereafter.


All delivery dates and times are subject to availability. If you have a specific delivery date and require delivery before a given time, please specify this when placing your order. We will try to accommodate your requirements but delivery may not be available at short notice.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have given Margaret House of Cakes the correct delivery information, and that someone is available to receive their cake.

In the case of an unavoidable event, such as a car accident or poor road conditions during delivery, Margaret House of Cakes cannot be held liable for more than the price of the cake described in the order. If your cake is being delivered to an outdoor event, Margaret House of Cakes will NOT be held responsible for the conditions of the cake following set-up. Due to the effects of outdoor weather conditions, ex. extreme heat; sudden rain; unsteady table on uneven ground; wind blowing undesirable items such as leaves, sand, dirt, insects and other wildlife, the cake and cake elements may not hold up and cannot be insured past satisfactory delivery and set up.

While Margaret House of Cakes promises to deliver quality products and services, we cannot be held responsible for anything that could happen to the cake once the delivery is complete.

We strongly advise you purchase wedding insurance to cover yourself.

We will do everything possible to ensure your cake arrives on time, but cannot accept liability for any late deliveries. If delivery is attempted and we are unable to leave the cake (for example because nobody is available to take receipt) then the responsibility is with the customer to arrange redelivery or collection.

Setting Up

Margaret House of Cakes will deliver and set up your cake as agreed and will want to ensure it is displayed at its best. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided Margaret House of Cakes with the correct set-up details and arrangements made with the venue for the location and display of your cake. Please ensure that the display location is level, stable and strong enough to hold the cake. Margaret House of Cakes cannot take any responsibility if damage is done to the cake due to an unstable positioning. If we feel the location that we have been instructed to leave the cake is unsuitable we will request a more suitable position. A photograph of the cake will be taken prior to departure to verify that the cake has been set up and left in good condition.

Please note that chocolate-covered cakes can melt in warm conditions such as inside a marquee on a hot summer’s day, or when set up in direct sunlight. Please take care when displaying your cake at your venue to avoid direct sunlight, spotlights or candles creating damage to the cake decorations. Hand-painted cakes are especially vulnerable to heat and light damage. All of our cakes are designed to withstand normal and reasonable display conditions. Margaret House of Cakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged during display at your wedding.


All of our cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing and displaying to prevent damage occurring. Margaret House of Cakes accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location.

Cake Storage and Shelf Life

All cakes should be stored at normal room temperature (cool), away from direct sunlight or heat source. It is recommended that the cake is stored in its box until it is ready to be displayed. The cake should be stored on a flat and sturdy surface.

Never put cakes in the fridge unless stated otherwise.

Your cake should last up to 4-7 days if kept well if wrapped and placed in a sealed container or in the refrigerator.

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